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Ephod group fuses the world’s twelve most extraordinary, leading, trusted, and advanced technological and deific economic driven companies into a unique league of company. The league focuses on the most neglected but vital aspects of the fields of; Science, Engineering, Technology, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Security and Marketing intelligence. The league is blessed with highly skilled and experienced principal officers and staff who can be best described as gifted and genius men and women of integrity.

Our flagship company, Ephod Communications Ltd. was incorporated in 2012 in Nigeria with the aim to ensure our major goal to foster african research & technology with great economic value for development is achieved.


Executive Summary

The Story We Share

The Company has a history that began over the years as some extraordinary group of freelance, consultants and associate companies with common interest enjoying a long rewarding relationship decided to push it further and reached a consensus to merge as a unique entity that would together as one bring the best of the future in every present, with the aim to lead the revolution that will foster the pace and growth of science and technology sector in Africa and beyond. Prior to this merge, we have been involved in the; design and construction of custom electrical/electronic devices and equipments, GIS and Remote sensing products and services, Agriculture, ICT and Web related products, designing and execution of elaborate Architectural structures and Road Network, etc.

Our Core Values

As a young company with a difference, we understand that creativity, high technology and corporate integrity are the keys to prolific capacity building and better economic growth especially in a developing country like Nigeria, Africa and our changing world at large. As a result, we at Ephod Group are spending so much time and resources in researching easier, better and affordable ways of improving and providing world class lasting solutions to our numerous clienteles. Thus, our company can be best described as a one-stop destination for organizations and individuals lunging for solutions they once hoped to be only possible in the future.

We Are The Future

Here we bring you the future, because we have all it takes to bring imaginations to life and as well the capacity to solely handle any kind of project in the industry from start to the finish. Having offices at present in Abuja, Jos and Zaria, with expansion plans to cover major cities across Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. Ephod Group mission is to become a trusted name that will lead the industry in reviving the dwindled standard of the industry’s status quo. And as our code of ethics entails, we believe and practice in unbridled creativity, knowing so well that people’s ideas are the strength of their dreams.

Our Facilities & Areas of Experties

Today with our complete range of experimental labs and research findings and facilities our completed projects are of internationally accepted standard, for we employ the use of high grade materials and quality research methods in the execution of our projects. Hence, as a conglomerate, we have gain a high fidelity in all aspects of our dealings because our professional staff are made up of one of the best in the industries with our computer software developers continually improving with the changes in the industries. We have also handled a wide variety of GIS, ICT and Agricultural studies and works, including Web-GIS for Soil Map, Web-GIS for Schools, soil investigation for precision farming, and lastly our ongoing innovation to address the issue of positioning in rural precision farming using an approach we call Differential Terrestrial Positioning System.

What's Next

We also avail ourselves of the latest technology and equipment, provide economical and technical feasibility solutions within the ambience of locally obtainable conditions while retaining the highest quality within strict time lapse. Ephod Group is constantly researching better ways of serving the underserved african population and her clienteles with cutting edge technology solutions. More so, aside our custom services, we will continue to launch new products and services that will solve the present and future needs in these sectors and surpass value for money (a concept by Prof. Vijay Govindarajan called Reverse Innovation). We are planning to roll out dozens of innovations on Agriculture, Education, ICT and GIS targeted to Africa by 2020 that will enhance capacity building and create thousands of Jobs to alleviate poverty. Ephod Group is committed to give you more value for your money at the best possible time. Let's help you handle that project that looks imposible, ranging from web applications to custom devices manufacturing. Another reason why you should choose us is because we do enhance better teamwork and engage in virtual enterprise with our technical partners to limit outsourcing and focus on pioneering high quality and affordable products and services within budget that surpasses our clientele’s expectations for any project scope with the exception.

Michael Mallo

Chairman & CEO


Our Vision

To focus and revive the most neglected but vital aspects of the fields of; Science, Engineering, Technology, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Security and Marketing intelligence.

Our Mission

To be the leading innovative provider of quality and affordable solutions from ideas belonging to the future, thus setting viable pace for undiscovered or emerging technologies.

The Ephod Edge

We solve problems that seems impossible for others at ease. We often provide our solutions with a touch of Geographic Information System. We are beyond today because we are the future.



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Michael Mallo

founder, chairman and ceo

israel castro yang

co-founder & group dir.

Hope Kesmen

Legal Adviser

Shadrach Nji


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Apart from web-based GIS and application development, we also undertake jobs in various sub-sectors including but not limited to: Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) products, Land Surveying and Geoinformatics (Geomatics), Environmental science services, Agricultural Services, Electronic and ICT services, Custom Manufacturing services, Mining and Oil and Gas services.
Education and M&E
Education and M&E

SmartEMIS (a School Mapping tool for Education Management and Information System that provides easy management of schools scross wide area like nation wide), ProjectWatch (for real-time or near-real-time project monitoring and evaluation).


Custom Vehicle/asset trackers, Custom High Performance Computer, Custom Portable Computers, Custom Home/Office Security Devices and Equipment,


Custom Desktop Applications, Mobile and Web Applications Developement. We speak the following languages fluently: the JAVAs, C++, C#, ASP.NET, PHP, MySQL, ODB, MS ACCESS, CSS3, Bootstrap4, HTML5, PWA and Python




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